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A boy and his dream

When I was a kid, mountains fascinated me with their grandness and imposing presence. I was fortunate enough that my father would not let a weekend go by without being on the snow. While at the time it could be a real hurdle to keep pace, I am thankful for that special gift that accompanied me for the rest of my life and eventually turned into the Summit Stories project.

I recently went back to some of the notes I took long time ago and found a list - I have always been fond of lists. That was the list of my lifetime goals: amongst other things (including going to the moon), it happened to contain the names of four mountains (Everest, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Antarctica range) I wanted to visit and enjoy to fulfill my attraction of a young mountaineer. And it's probably this underlying desire that ignited and seeded my passion for the mountain and fed my continuous search for adventures.

I spent my first forty years, and in particular the last fifteen in the high-tech business, learning thousand novelties, seeing the world and meeting wonderful people (funky ones too), and I am excited to embark in the journey for these next forty. The Summit Stories project has started with the idea to take a journey across the seven continents and reach their highest peaks.

Guido Rey, an Italian climber and writer from the beginning of last century, once said: "I believed, and believe, the fight with the Mountain to be useful like work, noble like arts, wonderful like faith". Humming this inspirational sentence in my head and growing the baggage of mountain experiences around the world, I made the decision to dedicate the next two years of my life to something unique, breathtaking and soul-enlightening - mountains and summits were my natural choice.

I was also looking for a richer experience and en even higher motivation to get me going and negotiating these new challenges. One day I was attending a dinner at a local charity that introduces children to international cultures and I asked myself: what if, in addition to making this journey a unique personal experience, I also create a program to benefit children and local communities.

So, I thought that, while I prepare and climb mountains, I will also help bring education opportunities to underprivileged youth and foster entrepreneurship amongst local communities. I intend to raise funds and donate to specific charities and programs, share experiences and maybe be an example to those like me, who want to make a difference in everything they do, however regular and small it may be.

I am a strong believer that positive education in its varied forms and the power of opening opportunities are the key to the progress of humanity. This is true for the people I intend to help and for myself as the window opener to worlds and communities that are far away from our homes.