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Everest training, the next steps..literally

One of the key elements of the Everest climb is crossing the crevasses in the Khumbu icefall. Those being massive and deep monsters, ladders are placed across them and that is the very only way to continue.

Mastering the technique of walking on these metal ladders (and remember we will be wearing large boots and crampons) is just one piece of the exercise. The other is not getting distracted but what will likely be a terrifying deep black hole under your feet, while you walk step by step on an instable semi-surface.

So I decided to give it a try in a more modest scenery (my backyard) and setup a ladder crossing, probably more stable and safer than the one I will find on everest (let’s put aside the pitiful looks of the neighbors…).

Well the drop to the floor is just few inches and could not think of anything terrifying to place underneath other than many Ferrero rocher and nutella, that would be crushed in case of a fall (what a horrible sight it would be…).

Well here is myself in action,











back and forth, back and forth…

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