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Palpable energy in Kathmandu

The energy I feel in the air as I walk around the hotel and the nearby streets is growing as minutes go by.
Many of the people I am seeing are climbers who are about to leave for their expedition (most to everest, others to Annapurna, Manaslu and other Himalayan peaks) and are frantically putting the last ‘check’ to their equipment list.

Climbers are flooding in from every part of the world, each with their goals, different backgrounds and own motivations to embark on a major mountaineering adventure. Our own group is composed of climbers from Chile, Finland, US and India – we met for the first time yesterday and it looks like we will have a very fun time (if only for the accents and jargon juggling).

Nepal is the fastest-growing touristic destination in Asia and Kathmandu is its central hub – more than 1 million people out of of the total nine in the country. Here trips are planned, start, unfold and eventually return to, rich with sometimes unique and life-changing stories. Everest and other mountains are part of this fascinating carousel of people and dreams, extremes and humanity, long-lasting relationships and memories.

It’s exhilarating to experience it, and this is just a glimpse at the beginning.


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