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Building a children library? Yes, we did!

November 26, 2013 by

This is one of the proudest post I have written in quite a while. The reason is simple: how many times can you celebrate the building of a children library because of the work you have done?

As some of you may remember, last winter I asked friends and many other people to support Summit Stories fundraise for Fundacion Leer, the leer logoleading Argentine non-profit organization that promotes literacy amongst children, serving 1.7 million young readers nationwide.

Summit Stories’ goal was to raise $6,962 (one dollar for each meter of elevation of Mt Aconcagua) to help Fundacion Leer build a children library and train educators in a remote region of Argentina.

Well, of the three goals (summit Mt Aconcagua, raise $6,962, build a library) only one was reached and probably the most compelling! I am very happy to share that the children library was opened a few weeks ago and the local community is actively enjoying it.

In the words of the Child Development Center coordinator:

“The Reading Corner is being widely used. Community operators and the kids are reading together the new books. The reading corner attracted the interest of the community, including many retired teachers that volunteered to read with the children. We are grateful for the help that was given to us, is a very valuable contribution to the community.“

Whether it was 20$, 50$ or a larger amount, don’t you think that it was a wonderful way to make an impact by putting money to work in a very different way?

A big THANK YOU to everybody who contributed to put a book in the hands of a child.

Children and community members sharing the opening of the Reading Corner

Children and community members sharing the opening of the Reading Corner


the reading corner

the reading corner

Welcome to Summit Stories, Fundación Leer!

October 30, 2012 by

I am happy to welcome Fundación Leer to the Summit Stories journey.

Fundación Leer is the non-profit organization that Summit Stories will support for the Latin American segment of the journey.

Fundación Leer has provided thousands of children in Argentina with free access to reading and literacy programs for 15 years. Its mission is to encourage reading and promote childhood and youth literacy in Argentina, generating a positive and long-lasting impact in children’s personal development that facilitates their entrance into society.

Fundación Leer operates at a national level while retaining a strong local viewpoint. The programs of Fundación Leer are implemented in public, private and rural schools, libraries, hospitals, community centers, soap kitchens, centers for children with disabilities, correctional centers and recreational centers.

I am looking forward to working with Patricia and the team at Fundación Leer!