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Everest training – this is how I am doing it

December 28, 2013 by

Much part of an expedition goes into training, and this is even more so for such a big mountain as Everest.

Being in perfect physical (in addition to perfect emotional and psychological) conditions is paramount and everything that can be possibly done will barely make you ready for such a big monster.

Areas I have been focusing on are: climbing conditioning (hill hiking carrying heavy back-packs), strength conditioning (training with free weights to build overall strength to core, upper body, back and legs), cardiovascular conditioning (aerobic sessions with very sustained and prolonged effort) and flexibility conditioning (to increase the flexibility of the joints).

After extensive research, I came up with my own version of a weekly regime that I have been following religiously for the past months and will accompany me until about 1 month from the start of the expedition, when the sessions will be longer and less diverse.

I added in there some random surfing and indoor climbing sessions (surfing because it is good for timing, flexibility and balance – and because I love it – and climbing for strength, mental and balance), and as much trail and hill running as possible. A couple of minor injuries (with the 1st lesson = never push it too much too sudden) and body listening (not done enough, 2nd lesson) complemented the training.









yes I know, the rest day is not quite sleepy, but it is to avoid the muscles to build lactic acid and to keep the system going. plus I can barely sit still for a full day, so I rather make it productive without tiring myself off.