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Wanna bet we will RUNTASTIC it on Kilimanjaro

We thought it would be smart to put aside any suspicion about our upcoming trip to Kili: no helicopters are planned nor we will be carried on the back of a donkey. Runtastic, the mobile health and fitness company whose products make exercise easy and fun, will keep us honest by tracking our progress step by step on the trail.

We will be using the Runtastic mobile apps and Runtastic Gps watch to provide precise updates and snapshots of each milestone we reach on Kilimanjaro.

20130516-085005.jpgRuntastic combines a software platform, hardware device, and an online service which together create a fitness and health ecosystem that can measure any activity data (whether running. Biking, skiing or working out, even eating doughnuts at high altitude). Developed with professional athletes, the technology tracks, monitors, analyzes and shares fitness activities.

Runtastic website states:”Runtastic motivates people to get their body in shape, stay fit, and feel terrific”. Well, this is exactly how we already feel and we can’t wait to deploy the Runtastic arsenal on the trek.


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