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We are at Aconcagua Base Camp (4350mt)

DSC00462 copyWe arrived last night at Aconcagua Base Camp (4300mt/14400ft), where we will acclimatize for 2 days. we have a magnificent view of the glacier on one side and the Aconcagua massive North Face, with a snippet of the summit.

Conditions are great, it’s very sunny and temperature favorable. we are hoping in some more snow on the top to help the push to the summit. starting tomorrow we will climb to 5000mt for an acclimatization trek and then move up to Camp1 to set camp. Very exciting.

the only bad news is that one member of our team has been diagnosed with pulmonary edema, and depending on the medical check this afternoon, may need to be helicoptered down. everything is closely monitored and under control. Fingers are crossed all will go well and safe.

here is a photo of Mt Aconcagua (summit is on the top left) from Base Camp.

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