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Argentina, Jan 2013



Russia, July 2013


Vinson Massif




USA, Jun 2015



Tanzania, June 2013


Carstensz Pyramid

Indonesia, Oct 2013



Nepal, Apr 2014


"Summit Stories Climbs Earth's Highest Mountain for NYF - PayPal Forward - 01 April 2014

Se l' impresa di Diana Nyad, 64 anni, che ha nuotato da Cuba alla Florida, vi e' apparsa giustamente sovrumana, sentite qui.

"Summit Stories Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro with PayPal in Tow - PayPal Forward - 10 December 2014

While many of us are still patiently waiting for technology to bring us up to speed with The Jetsons, one of the coolest...

"Il SUPERUOMO QUALUNQUE / Dilettanti no limits - La Repubblica - 04 September 2013

Se l' impresa di Diana Nyad, 64 anni, che ha nuotato da Cuba alla Florida, vi e' apparsa giustamente sovrumana, sentite qui.

"KiliTechTrek 2013 takes Runtastic to Africa's highest peak - Runtastic Blog - 23 July 2013

Mountaineer and blog author Francesco (SummitStories) and the rest of the KiliTechTrek 2013 team, a group of technophiles...

"Camminando tra le nubi" sulle vette del Kilimanjaro - Il Tempo - 26 June 2013

Non basta scalare una montagna, bisogna essere la montagna che si scala. Il Kilimanjaro, un colosso imponente che...

Summit Stories Brings Charity to New Heights - PayPal Forward - 3 June 2013

As I polish my boots to begin my ascension today of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, I'm excited to...

High-Quality Photos and Videos Get Mobile and Social with Eye-Fi's New Mobi Card - Eye-Fi Press release - 3 June 2013

"Until now, sharing high-quality camera pictures while traveling meant waiting until the end of the day or worse ..."

Climbing Kilimanjaro With PayPal - eBay Inc Blog, 28 May 2013

He's tackled Argentina's Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, and raised money for...

Changing the World One Summit at a Time - Jetpac Blog - 23 Mar 2013

'I recently launched a philanthropic mountaineering project, called Summit Stories, which combines my passion for ...

Summit Stories: A Lofty Ambition - eBay Inc Blog - 7 Jan 2013

Francesco Rovetta first fell in love with mountains as a child growing up in Italy. Fascinated by their 'grandness and ...

An Interview With Francesco Rovetta On Summit Stories - Baia Network - 28 Nov 2012

Francesco Rovetta, founder of Summit Stories and a close friend of BAIA, told us recently that 'reaching a summit, whether on...

Support Fundacion Leer - a new action in favor of literacy and reading - 29 Nov 2012

Francesco Rovetta had joined Fundacion Leer in order to achieve a full literate and reading Argentina. 'I am a strong believer...