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Carstensz Pyramid (4,884mt) Indonesia.

Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) is the highest summit in the australian continent and based in the Papua province, Indonesia. Its elevation is 4,884 mt (16,024ft) and it was first climbed in 1962. Puncak Jaya was named "Carstensz Pyramid" after Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon who first sighted the glaciers on a rare clear day in 1623. The sighting went unverified for over two centuries, and Carstensz was ridiculed in Europe for saying he had seen snow near the equator.

Because of the presence of the largest gold and copper mine in the world, access to the region is very regulated and the natives' fighting for independence over the last 30 years has sometimes erupted fiercely.

The Climb

Yes, it is exactly 30 days away. A region that is home to more than 300 different tribes, including some peoples who remain un-contacted and never met 'westerners', who speak more than 250 languages, endemic wildlife that include many weird and wonderful creatures as cassowaries, dugongs, echidnas and tree-dwelling monitor lizards (some I never heard of before).

This is Papua, the planet's second-largest island, which ... MORE

Program: Bali Children's Project

The Bali Children's Project (BCP) is dedicated to improving life through education. For almost twenty years BCP has been quietly reaching out to young people and their families in rural Bali and in mountain communities. BCP was founded on the belief that as children are empowered to realize their potential, they will enrich their villages and contribute to the world. By providing opportunities for education, BCP gives children the chance for a better tomorrow, while lightening the burdens of today. Being acutely conscious of Bali's unique cultural heritage and the need to safeguard it from questionable outside influences that accompany mass tourism, BCP programs are designed to integrate the demands of economic progress with the island's traditional values.

Summit Stories will work with BCP to present schoolchildren with learnings and perspectives about international cultures, commerce and entrepreneuship, to further trigger and develop their curiosity and desire to learn.

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